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Last Update 2 years ago

We think our products make a great gift.

Not only can we put a smile on that special somebody's face when they see their pet re-imagined but no matter where they live, the price is the same!

Did you know our prices included worldwide shipping and local production?  Well now you do, no worries about the shipping being more than the product when you get to checkout!

Option 1 - Purchase a product

If you have, or can source a picture of the giftee's pet then you can complete the purchase yourself.  

You can then send the product to yourself, wrap it and gift it personally, or you can send directly to their door.

Option 2 - Gift card

If you don't have a pet photo, or if you're unsure what design or product the giftee may like, then our gift cards make the ideal gift.  Purchase a gift card here.

The minimum gift card amount is $20.

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