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With each order you will the option to purchase a digital file.

If you purchase a digital file product this will be mandatory, however if you purchase a physical product then this is an optional extra with the price increasing depending on the file types.  

This article aims to assist you with deciding which digital file may be suitable for your application.


This is a "standard" image file suitable for sharing digitally via email or social media.  This is also suitable for print for most individual applications.

PNG (recommended)

A png file has a transparent background making this file type much more versatile.

For digital sharing, having a png file can allow for some fun applications such as placing your pet on a funny background!

For printing, a transparent background is extremely helpful for applying your pet as an overlay onto a product such as below.  We are well aware that we don't provide printing on all products you may wish, so a png is great to take away and print on a wide range of products in the future.  This is the most recommended option.

When you purchase the png file option we will also send you a jpg.


A source file is the bees knees and is only available on our premium designs.

These designs are created as vectors meaning that if you have a source file you can have complete control over the image and can scale to infinite resolution.  

Be warned however that having the source file is only useful if you have digital design skills and the necessary software to edit such files.  If you've lost interest then that makes sense, for most customers this option is overkill and a png should sufficient.

Please note that our designers use a range of programs and methods to create their designs so we cannot promise a particular output file.  Output file may be in .ai, .svg, .cdr or other.  If you have particular requirements about the type of source file please contact us before placing your order.

When you purchase the source file we will also send you a jpg and png.

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