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In the event you wish to cancel your order due to change of mind, please notify us immediately so that we can maximise the amount that we can return to you.

All amounts mentioned are in USD$ and apply to standard orders only - custom orders have their own terms and conditions that are presented at the time of order.

Pre-Design Phase

If you cancel your order prior to our design team commencing their work we will be able to refund your entire order less a $10 service charge.

We aim to process all orders as quickly as possible so the window to cancel is very slim.

Design Phase

Once our team has commenced work on your design(s), a $30 fee will be applicable for each design cancelled.

Due to the high cost of cancelling at this stage, we would advise customers to consider opting to proceed with a digital only product. In this event we will send through the completed design files once complete and refund the difference less a $10 service charge on the order.

*A design is each item that our designers have to work on. This is each pet in each different design. For example, if you ordered two items in two different designs then the refund fee charged would be $60. If you purchased 10 of the same item, there would only be a $30 fee.

Printing & Shipping Phase

Once the design phase is complete there can be no refunds on digital only purchases. We will send through the completed files and the transaction will be complete.

For physical product orders, the ability to cancel will depend on where in the printing and shipping process your products are.

In the best case scenario, your products are yet to be printed and we can treat your cancellation as above in the design phase.

**In the event the printing process has commenced, there is a possibility there can be no refund. Once you confirm your wish to cancel, we will advise our production partners and will provide a partial refund if possible.  This must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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